Instagram Posting platform features
Easily schedule photos, videos & carousel posts with a few clicks
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Automatic Posting
Photo Publishing
In our service, you can publish posts to Instagram directly from your browser. Also you can add a description for the post, and hash tags. Confirmation is not required, and the posts are published automatically.
Scheduled Posting
In our service, you can publish any number of positions through a system of deferred posting photos. Simply select a photo from your device, set the time of publication, and the system will publish your photos
Posting Statistics
Each photo that is already in your account or that you want to publish — will keep statistics on the number of likes and comments below it
Deleting Photos
In our service, you can easily remove one or all of the photos in your account, directly through its operation panel
Post drafts
You can create an unlimited number of drafts for your posts and use them at any time after creation. This is convenient for test posts and their preview.
Erasing posts
You can quickly remove a post from your account. This can be done without going into your profile - just 2 clicks on the work panel.
Liking posts
Using our system of automatic posting on Instagram, you can like your new post and any already published posts in your profile on Instagram.
Adding watermark
You can add unique watermarks to your photos to protect them from theft. Our system supports any sizes and formats for watermarks. Just upload icons to create a label and edit your future post.
Posting video
In addition to posting photos, you can use our service to post videos to your Instagram profile. It's as simple as posting photos: select a video file from your phone or computer, upload to the system and set the date and time of the post.
Resizing photos
You can resize the photo for a future post on Instagram. Our system supports and constantly updates all the latest settings for the posts of photos and videos in the profile.
Changing the proportions of the photos
In addition to changing the size of the photo, you can change its proportions for your future post on Instagram.
Description limit
Our system supports all the current limits for the design of posts on Instagram. You will not be able to publish too much text or use a huge number of hashtags for your records.
Limit of hashtags
Our system supports all the current limits for the design of posts on Instagram. You will not be able to publish too much text or use a huge number of hashtags for your records.
The first comment under the post
You can leave the first comment under your post on Instagram through our system. This can come in handy if your text does not fit in the limits of the description of the publication or you just want to leave the first comment under it. You can do this via the publishing settings.
Post geotag
Now you can leave and add geotags to your scheduled Instagram posts. This can be done through the publication settings - just select the desired point on the map or find it through a search in the system.
Post erasing timer
You can add a time limit for a post in the profile and after a selected time period it will be automatically deleted. This feature is useful for those who advertise goods or services in their account, as well as for average Instagram users.
Editing posts
You can change anything that is written in the post even after its publication. It will be convenient for those who made a mistake while writing or just want to clarify any data.
Set of emojis
We added a large set of emojis to add when creating a post. Now you can quickly select and add to your post the symbol you need.
Viewing posts
Now in the "Posting" section you can see all your posts that were previously published on your Instagram account. Even those posts that have not been published through our system will be available for viewing. You can also see the number of likes and comments under all records and reply to them.
Liking comments
You can put likes on all the comments that appear under your posts, right through the interface of the system.
Answering comments
You can use the functionality to respond to comments that appear under your posts, right through the interface of the system.
Comment tracker
Comment tracker for Instagram
With this function you can see all comments in one window and immediately respond to them. You do not need to enter the service application - all the necessary options are collected here. You can delete, mark as important or resolved all the comments of your subscribers.
Read new comments
Read all incoming comments for all photos from one channel. You will never miss a fresh comment. Now you do not need to check the application every now and then
Online comments
Using the comment management in Instagram you can respond to comments from any device using the Instalex work panel
Mark as important
Mark the necessary comments to return to them later. This parameter is visible only to you and will not be displayed on Instagram.
Comment history
All comments (both incoming and your answers) are saved in the history. Just go to the "All" section, and read them again or delete.
Delete comments
Well, let's say that sometimes everyone wants to banish someone for an unpleasant comment. But let's be smart and just protect ourselves from unnecessary trouble :) You can delete comments on your account through the system of the comment tracker by Postimat.
Mark as resolved
Tick this box for comments that are no longer of interest to you. After clicking on the status, the selected comments will go to the "Resolved" tab.
Additional Features
Comments Generating
Thousands of different combinations ready for sending comments is already waiting for you in our service. We offer e-mail comments to other users on the ready-made templates or your own, unique commentary, you can manually download the system
Active Users
If exposed to the filter, the system will interact with only those users — who commented or likes photos of the selected account
Profile Editor
You can change the username, description, name, profile link, sex — all this directly through its operation panel
For every promo that you have created, it is possible to change the task to perform, or to combine them. For each promo you can put one or more tasks to: liking, comment and / or following. You can combine a following + likes, likes + comments, comments + following or leave that one thing
You can set your time zone so that the system understands when is the right time to post, unsubscribe and perform all other types of necessary operations. You can set the time settings in the "Profile" section.
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