Postimat Affiliate System
This System helps web-blogs / web-sites owners, and people who are working on the internet to earn money or use Postimat for FREE. The Postimat affiliate program is aimed at attracting new customers by advertising our platform through our users. It's very simple - advertise the Postimat service - specify your referral link and attract new customers - for each such client we will pay you real money!
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Postimat Services
These are the services which you can introduce to your followers, audiences, and friends. Tell them about our service and earn from each oh them payments!
Schedule Posts
With this feature you can easily manage and scheduling your posts in Instagram
Comment Tracker
With this feature you can see and answer all comments which are users left in your Instagram accounts
Postimat Affiliate conditions
We will pay a 15% commission on the first purchase of your affiliate program list, and after that, it will be 10% of every transaction in our system, and it is forever!

You may spend your income in Postimat besides if your total balance gets to 200$, we will pay you via PayPal

If you just introduce 100 users and they purchase 35$/month in average, you can earn 520$ in the first month and 350$ every single month after.
How Postimat Affiliate works?
Sign up
Go to your Postimat Dashboard
Click the Affiliate Button at the top
Copy Your Affiliate link
Start sharing your link and get PROFIT
3 Days of all Postimat Features for FREE
Start testing Postimat system right now and you will understand why we are better than our competitors!