Smart Instagram
Posting Tool

Schedule your Instagram posts and Track comments
from your desktop or laptop
Schedule your Instagram posts
and Track comments from your desktop or laptop
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Plan your Instagram posts in just 3 minutes

Don't waste your time on manually posting - automate it with Postimat
Smart Content Calendar
Plan unlimited posts with Postimat calendar module. It's convenient and easy to use. Add post description, set up auto delete for future posts and much more in one dashboard.
Plan Your Future Feed
Preview and manage your future feed before you post to create a beautiful Instagram aesthetic view. Use build-in filters and watermarks to make feed more unique and safety.
Schedule Automatically to Instagram
Auto Publish is available for any Instagram profiles. Just add account to Postimat app and start posting any type of content: photos, videos and stories are supported.

Unique Instagram Posting Dashboard

All in one place, don't panic about your future posts - we care about all.
Schedule post to Instagram
Add your Instagram account to the app to start planning your future posts. It's easy and safe to use. We do not store your personal data and our website using safe TLS / SSL certificates.
Manage Multiple Accounts
Manage multiple Instagram accounts in one dashboard. One click account swap and quickly task management will help you to grow your Instagram faster than ever.
Drafts and Arhive
Get access to all your previous posts with one touch. Change the description, delete posts, add geolocation, mark people on any post already posted in your account!
Visual Instagram Photo Editor
Change and adjust your instagram posts via Postimat
Crop your Instagram photos and videos to any size, or use our built-in templates, we support any type of media file and you can easily make any changes before posting to your profile.
Change the appearance of posts, add filters and masks, use our built-in color correction tool. Make sure your post is perfect and publish it in profile using our Instagram posting app!
Add watermarks
Uniqueize your posts using the built-in watermarking system, you can add any image on top of the one already loaded into the system - thereby making your post 100% unique.
Custom Settings For Each Post
Customize the posting for yourself with Postimat
Automatic replays of posts in a profile at a certain interval, the system will automatically post posts on a schedule at the right time and, if necessary, delete the old post from the profile.
Automatic reposts of a post to other accounts that have already been added to the system, just mark the necessary accounts for posting and our service will automatically publish your post to all selected accounts.
Use our settings and filters for posting, mark people, automatically add hash tags and add the first comment, if the entire description text does not fit into the description limit. Add a geo-location for the post and configure the ability to comment on your posts.
Track all your Instagram Comments and Delete Spam and Negative with Neural Network Bot
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With this function you can see all comments in one dashboard and immediately respond to them. Our neural network bot will track all negative comments and delete them from your profile!
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